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September 17, 2012
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You were walking thru a zoo because you was bored and had nothing else to do. You saw people helping putting a new Canadian Bull Moose in a fence. The moose wasn't really happy. It started to buck and kicked out of the crate. It saw you and ran right to you. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a hockey puck hit the moose.

"Hey! Leave the girl alone you dumb moose!" The man yelled. The moose looked at the man. The moose scratched the ground and few times than took off. The guy that save you just stand there. "Hey, watch out!" you yelled. The man didn't listen.

The man got rammed by the moose but you didn't see him. Than you saw him push the moose back. -Is he trainer or what?- you were confused. After of the man wrestling with the bull moose it finally gave up. The workers got the moose back into the fence.

The man went over to you "Are you okay?" "Yeah, Thank you for saving me." you blushed. "Oi! Matthew come on." you saw a group of guys. "Your name is Matthew." he nodded. "I came here because I was the one that had caught the moose for them." you were now in shocked. "You caught that yourself?!" Matthew nodded again.

You looked around "I got to go." Matthew grabbed your hand. "Why, don't you came to my house." "What?" you almost yelled. -I only known you for a second and you want to come over to your house?- you thought.  "Come on,eh?" he started to drag you across the ground. "Hey what's with you, whooaaa!" Matthew had flung you on his shoulder. "HEY! WHATS THE BIG IDEA!" you hit him on the back. "Well, Matthew I didn't know you were that low!" "Shut up Alfred. Alfred laughed.

Matthew threw you in the car and locked the door on you. He got in the car than started. "What the hell!" you yelled. Matthew said nothing. "Hello!" he pulled the car to the side. "Listen just shut up. I save you and this is how you treat me?" you felt horrible now.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't know." Matthew just rolled him eyes and started to drive again. You climbed to the front seats. You came up to a house. It wasn't a small house than you saw a red mustang siting in the drive way. "God damnit! I always tell him to not block the drive way!" Matthew yelled. You smiled faintly as you saw the brother come out. "ALFRED MOVE YOUR CAR!" Alfred smiled and drove off. "I'm sorry for my temper." "It's okay." you laughed.

You got out of the car and saw Matthew get a bag of hockey equipment out from the trunk of the car. "Oh, I never got your name." "________." you blushed. You went inside and saw a hockey game was on along with another with football on. It was louder than the hockey game. Matthew turned the football game off. "I swear Alfred hearing is going to go one day." Matthew sighed.

Half of the house smelled like maple syrup it was very sweet. Alfred walked back in. "Hey! I was watching that!" "Yeah too loud!" "It was perfectly fine!" you saw Alfred get a bat. That bat had nails in it. Matthew got his hockey stick. "Want to settle this outside." "Yeah." you saw both of them go outside.

You sat on a lawn chair watching both of them fight. -I wonder if this happens every time a game is on.- you a hockey puck come flying to you. You thankful dodge it. Matthew finally notice you were still there watching. "I'm sorry, _________"

You smiled "No, No you guys keep fighting this is pretty funny to me." Matthew walked over and kissed your forehead. You saw Alfred grabbed a hockey puck and throw it. You grabbed Matthew and moved him. "Ah darn miss!" Matthew grabbed the puck and hit it with the hockey stick.

Matthew hit it and knocked Alfred out on the ground. "I win." you tackled Matthew to the ground. "Haha I won." Matthew laughed. You started to go to Matthew's house everyday after that and got to see the idiots fight over the games.

They had brother problems that you always like because it always ends with either Alfred knocked out or Matthew on the ground from Alfred hitting him.

-Yup this is the life.- you were drinking your soda watching the two fight again.
Requests by: :iconnorthernsunshine1: , :iconsonadowfangirl01: and :iconaznbubblegumz:

I'm sorry guys I couldn't think of any other plots for everyone :iconmiseryplz: Plz forgive me my head has been hurting and I've been trying to get everything done.
Plus I feel horrible not writing you guys a single story for yourself.

You don't belong to me

:iconyay2pamericaplz: :iconyay2pcanadaplz: belongs to Hetalia
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