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February 27, 2013
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You walked down the froze streets of Canada. You had a heavy over coat on though it kept you warm. You saw a figure in the snow. It was tall. That all you could see from the shadow it made. The snow got heavier as you walked to the shadow. When you got close to the man.

You saw it was a dark blonde Canadian in a blizzard! You thought he was crazy but when you looked closer you saw it was Matthew. ((Does 2p Canada have a different name??)) “Matthew?” you said you thought it was the peaceful Canadian that everyone loved. You were wrong.

He looked at you responding to the name but he was different. He had dark blonde hair with dark purple eyes that peered through you. You saw he had a hockey stick with barbed wire wrapped around it. You shrunk back fearing you were going to hit you but he just turned.

Before you went to turn he grabbed your shoulder. “Don’t try to go back home. You’ll die trying. There’s a blizzard coming.” You tried not to punch Matthew. “Than we are you just standing here.” You said trying to say it as nice as you could. “Because. I can.” he said in a stern voice.

You nodded and follow Matthew to a log cabin. That had a huge polar bear in front of the cabin. You froze in a brink of fear. Matthew looked at you “He won’t hurt you unless you hurt him.” You saw another shadow. You made the shadow as a american man. “Who’s that?” You pointed.

Matthew clutched his hockey stick and ran to the shadow. “JASON!!!!” he yelled and slung his hockey stick. Jason smirked and grabbed it “Happy seeing you bro.” he pushed Matthew back. You watch in fear as they fought though you got colder and went inside.

You had to admit the place was warm and cozy. You sat on a couch that was cover in animal fur. A fire place was there cracking and popping of the wood. It filled the room with warmth. You watch Jason and Matthew fight over and over yelling insults to each other.

Suddenly you heard a gunshot from a shot gun. Your body froze wondering where it came from. A man came out that had the same but shaggier than Matthew. He was wearing a purple button shirt, but you could only see his chest. “What the HELL is going here?” he said lighting a cigarette.

They both pointed at each other “HE STARTED IT!” they looked at each other. The man sighed at them “Who was here first?” “JASON!” Matthew yelled quickly. Jason mouth drop “F-Francis! He swung at me first!” Jason said. “NO! BOTH OF YOU INSIDE!” Francis yelled at both them pointing his gun at them. They both shrunk back and went inside. Jason and Francis stopped as they saw you sitting on the couch.

Jason smirked and sat next to you. “Hey babe~ Your cute~” he said pulling your head to his. “Oh no you don’t!” he yanked you to him. “HEY I SAW HER FIRST!” Jason yelled. “I was the one who found her.” Matthew stuck his tongue out. “Matthew what did I tell you not to bring strangers into the house.” Francis said.

Jason had mocked Francis. “Because a blizzard is about to hit.” Matthew hugged you tightly growling at Jason. The door slammed open “Hello...Oliver.” Jason rolled his eyes. Oliver smiled “Sorry I’m late I was trying to pick something out but it was just to much!” he ran into the kitchen.

You were weirder out from Oliver clothing style. It has pink and blue well all of it. “How many people live here?” you asked quietly to Matthew. Matthew blinked “Only me but they wanted to come over.” Matthew rolled his eyes. “I don’t like Oliver and Jason to be here... Francis. He raised me.” He sighed. You knew how he felt since it’s happen to you too.

You nuzzled in Matthew and dozes from him and the warmth of the fire. When you woke up you were in a bed the blanket were made of fur pelts. You rubbed your eyes and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Matthew was making waffles which confused you. “Don’t you make pancakes?” you sat on the stool. He shot a glare at you “I’m not that weak little Matthew. I’m his other side.” He went back to the waffles.

You put your coat on and went outside. Jason and Francis went hunting as you saw the note on the door. You walked into the snow that was about 3 foot deep because you sunk into the snow. You manage to get out and walk on top of the snow without sinking. You walked around the property that he had. Nothing but snow.

You went to go walk back to the cabin when you felt a heavy breath on you. You froze afraid yo turn around. That thing behind you was Matthew polar bear. Out the corner of your eye you saw Jason laughing. You stood completely still feeling the breath getting heavier and heavier. You wanted to run but you knew it was going to attack if you ran. You were helpless.

The bear stood over you. You were now very cold. You want to scream but you were scared the bear would attack. Jason stood there and laugh that’s when you made your mistake. “JASON SHUT UP!” you heard a huge roar. The bear slung it’s paw back but thankful you duck.

You ran in the snow. It was hard at first but got easier. The bear was getting faster and faster. Jason tripped you. At that moment you saw your life flash before your eyes. You knew this is it. You closed your eyes. Suddenly ‘WHACK!’ you heard the bear whine and run off. You open your eyes Matthew stood there. Blood dripped from his hockey stick. He had hit his bear.

Matthew helped you up and you hugged him tight. “Thank you..” You started to tear up. Matthew wiped your tears. “No crying. I was glad I saved you. Unlike my asshole brother!” he glared at Jason.

“Hey, _________?” he said softly. You looked at him. “Yes?” you blinked at him. “I don’t want to be alone anymore. Will you stay with me?” you knew what your answer was.

“Yes.” You kissed him as little snow flakes fell from the sky.
FINALLY! DONE!!!!!!!!!
Requested by :iconnevershoutelric:
pic belongs to :iconask-matthewwilliams:
The Face family belongs to Hetalia
And you don't belong to me
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