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October 16, 2012
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You just moved to the UK. Your job had moved there so if they moved you moved. You were the co- president so you had to go or you would be fired. It took you a long time to get to that rank. You were a "Undertaker" as people called you. You were alway amazed by dead person's body. You loved your job and you always had to train the newbies that just started. "________." your boss called "Yes?" you turned around gracefully. "I have this man I want you to meet for me." he handed you an address. "Alright." you said putting the address in your pocket.

~~Next Day~~

You follow the address to this building that looked haunted. The sigh on the building said "The Undertaker." you smiled in excitement. You opened the door it was quiet very quiet. You saw coffins and people organs that made you laugh. "Well, Well what do we have here?" you heard a strange voice. You saw a coffin open revealing two yellow or hazel eyes (correct me if I'm wrong plz) looking at you. "Hi. Are you...." you looked at the card. "The Undertaker?" you were confused. "Eshshshshsh. I am the Undertaker." you smiled faintly.

-I never met men named after their business.- you thought. "Well I'm...." "________." "Uh,yes." "Your boss called me yesterday. Your now my new  apprentice little one." he laughed. You were in shock. -So that's why the boss wanted me to come here.- you sighed. "Do you want to?" Undertaker offered. The immediate answer was "YES!" you yelled happily. "Alright you'll start tomorrow." Undertaker smiled.

~~Next Day (Mehhhh)~~

You hurry down the streets to The Undertaker building was. You opened the door. Undertaker was already looking at a body. "__________ come look at this body ,darling." you went to Undertaker's side. You saw a maimed body in front of you. It had bullet wounds, swords the whole nine yard of being beaten. "Wow! This is amazing I mean look at the body so beaten and burned you can't really see the person's face." you smiled. -Wow, she's more amazed than I am with the body. Eshshshsh I'm beginning to like this girl now- Undertaker laughed.

He saw your eyes sparkled with amazement it was too cute for him. "Want to see others?" You nodded yes quickly. He open another coffin and there was a man with Red hair and he wore like this weird bartender outfit with a  red jacket. "Well this is no fun not one scar and it's disgusting." (I was watching Black Butler when i was typing this XD) The person woke up. He grabbed Undertaker's throat "Who are you calling disgusting?!?" he yelled. "G-Grell it's you Eshshshsh What are you doing here." Grell was pissed. "I was just enjoying a nap that's all." Grell got out of the coffin.

Grell turned around and saw you "And who is this Beauty?" Grell circle around you. "Now,now she my helper." Undertaker laughed. "I still need her in one piece." you smiled faintly. -What does he mean by "Still" and "One Piece"- you thought he was going to kill you. Grell and Undertaker started to argue and you kept inching to the door not wanting to be killed. When you got to the Undertaker saw you. "Where are you going?" "No where." you looked at the ceiling. "Now,Now it's alright I'm not going to hurt you darling." Undertaker walked over to you and brushed the hair out of your eyes. He looked at your eyes they were a glowing (E/C).

~~A few months later~~

You had gotten use to London and your new job. You started to fall in love with Undertaker more and more. He always loved your jokes and when you piss Grell off. But the whole "I want her in one piece" thing still scared you a little. You were washing your hands from the latest in bombed body you did with Undertaker. You saw he was holding a fake human that had the organs and where blood vessel were. You walked over to him. He seemed sad to you. "Are you okay?" You hugged him. Undertaker looked at you smiled.

"I'm okay nothing to worry about." Undertaker laughed. You took the fake person and sat in Undertaker's lap. He hugged you and you heard he was humming softly London Bridge to you. You saw your vision blur than you feel asleep. When you woke you were in a coffin but the top wasn't on it. You almost thought he buried you alive. You looked around to find him and you saw he was talking to another client of his.

When they left he saw that you woke. He walked over to you and sat next to you. "How long was I asleep?" you yawned. "Oh, about 2 hours." you thought you slept longer than that. "Okay." you shrugged. You went straight back to work with him. He had taught you the old ways of bombing a person's body and they actually worked really good. You bombed about 5 or 6 bodies today. You were about to leave till Undertaker went behind you. "Stay." He hugged you. You didn't really want to but you did love him. You took a deep breath "Okay." you sat your stuff down.

Undertaker took and cradle you in his arm rocking you in a sweet rhythm. He was humming another song you didn't know but it was putting you asleep.

~~The next morning~~

You woke up in a coffin with Undertaker by your side. He had his arm wrapped around you. You rubbed your eyes and got up. Undertaker popped up open his eye seeing you got up. You stretched as high as you can than scratched your head. "Good Morning." you turned to see him awake. -When did he?- you thought he was still asleep.

The day went the same like any other.

~~That Night~~

Undertaker told you to go to his carriage. You felt it move but didn't see him. You looked out of the window. "Undertaker?" "Go back in the carriage I'm going to take you somewhere." you knew it was a surprise. When the carriage stopped Undertaker open the door. "Come here I want you to see this." He grabbed your hand. He brang you to the driver's seat and you two watch the sun set. "Was that..." you got cut off by a firework.

Your eyes glowed at the site. -I knew she would like this- Undertaker thought. He wrapped his arm around _________. You looked at the Undertaker not minding him. "_________." "Yes?" Undertaker pulled out a small box.

"Will you Marry me?" The ring had a skull on it that made you giggle.
Though your answer was "YES!" you hugged the undertaker with the fireworks still going off.
Requested by :iconmyfracturedreality:
I hope you liked it I was actually watching Black Butler when I was typing this Irony right?

You don't belong to me
Grell and Undertaker belong to Black Butler

pic belongs to :iconkuro-mai:
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